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Kitchen Garden

We want the kitchen garden to resemble Abuela Maria’s garden. My grandma’s garden always seemed gigantic to me, must has been my short age, with paths adorned with half bricks, drawing circles, squares, garden beds of every size and shape.
She had a way of gardening that has nothing to do with a style. It was HER style. Lettuces and roses along with tomatoes and zinnias.

Chicory and carrots were staples in her cooking. Chicory, (achicoria), so bitter…never could tried it every time she ripped a leaf and handled it to me.

So, the garden is a living creature changing with the seasons. We want the garden to be productive and beautiful, with flowers adorning the edges of the raised beds, places to sit and relax and places for contemplation. We might not be at the point of self-sufficiency in our kitchen garden but it provides what we daily enjoy in our daily meals.

A pollinator garden in the middle of it and the Peace Garden along with our fledgling collection of old fashion roses will be the focal point of the garden walks for those who visit the farm.

Fruit Trees:

One old fashioned apple tree, two fig trees, several wild blackberry and wineberry bushes, two concord grape vines, are part of our to be mini orchard, more apples, cherries, peaches and nectarines are on the list of trees coming to the farm. They will not all be planted in a spot but scattered around the farmhouse.

We strive to use earth friendly practices in our orchard and gardens. Sometimes is difficult in the are to grow fruit that way but we proved ourselves in years past that we could do it with the strawberries and have high hopes we can do it with the rest our fruit crop.

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