The Restoration Project at PK&G

The Farmhouse


Sweet Magnolia, is a tranquil retreat at present in restoration.

Built in 1912 is an American Foursquare house style popular from the mid-1890s to the late 1930s.

Sweet Magnolia recreates at some point the typical design. On the first floor from front to back, on one side, the living-room and dining-room; while on the center, the foyer with a stairway and the studio and a room on the other side, the kitchen and bathroom on the back. On the second floor, four bedrooms.

Hallmarks of Foursquares: boxy shape, hipped pyramidal roof, wide porch with a wide stair in the center, large windows and quiet simple colonial style.

After a thoroughly inspection of the farmhouse, we plan to reinstall the bathrooms, and a temporary kitchen for us to be able to work and stay during the process. Walls will be opened, refinished, mantels will be recycled, old hardwood floors will be sanded and stained, and once the core of the house is finished, the beautification process will come next, how exciting! It will be a long journey, and we plan to enjoy every step taken until the finish line.

The Lavender Cottage: our French Market style farm store

The little cottage across the driveway from the farmhouse, it is our next restoration project. Although it looks in good shape from the outside due to the many roof leaks through the years, we found ourselves with a long restoration project in our hands.

​Enchanting and with tons of potential, the Lavender Cottage will be home of our farm store, our workshop space and office in the first floor and home of our creamery and cheese cave in a building by the basement. The nostalgia of a country cottage dressed up in vintage objects, lavender products and artisan food, along with outstanding mountain views from the deck makes it the place to have a good time when visiting Floyd.

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