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he is the heart and hands of Piemonte Provisions. He combines fruit juices with herbs to get delicious herbal blends and jellies, work with the peanuts, grinds them in small batches to ensure that smooth and silky texture. He is the pizzaiolo and the soul of our Pizza Days at Piemonte Provisions.



loves to garden and her motto is to “Bloom where I am planted.” She takes care of the orchard, garden, and the chickens. She is not only behind each jar but she is the human connection between Piemonte Provisions and their patrons.

Oh, I have to tell you how much I love t


our son, we always joke around that in Spain he has his own celebration Saint Fermin.” He is sweet, calm, he does not live at home but is always ready when we need an extra hand. He is very happy on this new stage in his life. Making plans and dreaming of a bright future!


Fiamma, Cody & Caspian

our daughter, son -in-law and our baby grandson. Excited for this new adventure they are growing into, a family of their own, and to have them by our side rooting and giving us a hand on growing and spreading the word about Piemonte Provisions

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