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Late Night Peanut Butter 9oz

Late Night Peanut Butter 9oz

SKU: 0004

Here’s why you’ll be craving this peanut butter late-night: we’ve added a double chocolate indulgence from cocoa powder, rich dark mini chocolate chips and espresso to our smooth and creamy base.  And we used a deeper peanut roast for robust flavor.

Made in small batches with locally-Virginia grown peanuts from Sufflok, Virginia.

Drizzle on vanilla ice cream, spread on a graham cracker or “sneak” a midnight snack by the spoonful.  Plus, you’ve never had a PB&J like this.

  • Ingredients

    Roasted Peanuts, cocoa powder, chocolate chips (cocoa butter, unsweetened chocolate, cane sugar), espresso, sea salt. 

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